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The best table top game meetup experience
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Tokyn is not just

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We rebuilt the meetup experience for table top gamers. Expertly crafted to help you get to the table with people just as excited to play as you are. We know it's not always easy to find players. We're here to help, getting you connected with others in your area as quickly and as easily as possible. 

No other app can get you playing faster than Tokyn. Interested in a specific game? Tokyn will show you what gamers in your area have already played, own, and are wanting to play it today! Want to host a game meetup at your local coffee shop or game store/ Tokyn will advertise your event, notify players, ad help you connect with gamers who are interested in the games you are bringing! Don't now how to play? Tokyn will give you access to the rules, FAQ's, how to play videos, and other gamers who already know how to teach you the game. 

We want to help you feel like you always have access to a tabletop community ready and waiting for you to game! 

New To Table Top Games? 

No Problem! 

At Tokyn we believe tabletop games are for everyone. That's why we designed the app to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Its modern design helps you access all your gaming need easily. You will be able to find gamers, explore games, learn, and log your gaming experiences in just a few swipes. 

The more you play, the more Tokyn will  be able to guide you on your gaming journey. Helping you discover titles old and new that fit your play style while also connecting you with gamers that enjoy playing the same games you do. 

App Store Reviews

Great way to connect with people!

Great way to connect
with people!

I was able to host a board game, and find players in a matter of moments! That’s all I ever wanted and finally got to play a game that’s been sitting on the shelf that I’ve been dying to play but never found enough people.

Thanks Tokyn!

Games and connections

This app is incredible! Great to get connected with people to play games, already have made some awesome connections in one night. Looking forward to hosting many game nights in the near future!!

Sweet for board game fans

Love board games. Downloaded this today and excited to find new people/games to play with. Awesome app!

Don't Worry Gaming Pros, We Got You Too! 

Have a huge gaming collection? Don't spend hours cataloging your library! Take some pics and you're done. Upload your collection in seconds. Organize and filter your collection with ease. Track your plays and earn achievements as you game. Show off your high scores and share your collection with friends! 

Want to keep up with the latest gaming news? Discover all the latest releases, videos, reviews, podcasts, kickstarters, and articles all in one place! Follow your favorite content creators, game companies, and friendly local game stores. Keep up with events they hose and stay informed on the latest tabletop gaming trends. 

Want to game right now? 


We are working hard to make Tokyn a reality in your home town. As we build the app further we will be launching in locations that have the greatest interest and are ready to launch in. If you are interested in using Tokyn to connect and build a tabletop gaming community, sign up today! 

The more interest we generate, the faster we can launch Tokyn in your area. Signing up will also give you development updates, early access as soon as it becomes available and the ability to test and provide feedback to the developers. With your help we can create the best tabletop app ever made! 

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Find others to play the table top games you like &
Find others that have the same free time as you.

Tokyn is simple and powerful. Everything we do -- every feature, design choice, interaction -- is about one thing: The best

We want you to do what you love: Play games. Tokyn exists to facilitate more people playing more games more frequently. The Tokyn app doesn’t bombard you with unnecessary features or options. It’s simple - find people near you who like the same games, and sync up.

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