A Board Gaming App To Build Your Community. Coming Early 2020
Play your favorite board games more frequently with likeminded people in your area. Connect, Discover, Play! 
Launching Early 2020! Want early access? 
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Key Features
Tokyn is on a mission to help board game enthusiasts play more frequently by connecting them in real time, with game specific events. 
  • Find players in your geographic area whose game libraries and interests match yours. Build your profile - grow the community. 
  • Schedule games and events and invite others based on their specific interest. Want an invite anytime someone plays Pandemic in your area? We can do that.
  • Discover new games with our robust discovery algorithm and game matchmaking guide, curated on your playing habits and current game library. 

  • Spend more time playing the games you love
  • ​Discover new games specific to your playing habits
  • ​Build your library and playing history - be the top player in your area. 
Reconnect your local board game community and recruit more players!

Connect: Find new people in your geographic area who are interested in playing the same games you are

 Find New Players: We'll suggest your event to players who may be interested in your specific game based on their indicated interests and game library.

Natural Sharing: Your game nights will be easier to promote with our intuitive invitation and reminder features

Analytics: We'll track what you play, who plays, and who wins to provide valuable analytics to your local gaming group. 

Step 1: Launching In Early 2020 In Defined Launch Cities
Step 2: Join our launch list to be notified when we've launched!
Step 3: Beta test our app and be a part of our launch team
Launching Early 2020! Want early access? 
100% Privacy Guaranteed

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